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Whether it is long term or you may have just injured yourself, we at the   Musculo-skeletal Clinic SPECIALISE in identifying the cause of   your pain, DEVELOP SOLUTIONS and match the appropriate therapy,   utilising the most up to date advanced techniques to ensure that you can recover   from injuries faster.

“When you begin to feel, you begin to  heal”

The MusculoSkeletal Treatment (MST) Centre was   founded in 2005 by one of Australia’s pioneer Musculoskeletal and Craniosacral   Therapists, Ken Gordon.  This is Australia’s ONLYtreatment centre with a team of fully qualified   pracitioners dedicated to using a truly holistic approach towards wellness by   integrating and harmonising the mind-body connection.

The basis of our treatment is the understanding   that each client is unique and although they come to us with common symtoms, no   two persons have the same causative history that manifests that   symtom.

In their journey to wellness, we assist our   clients in listening to their bodies’ unique expression of pain or disease and   work through their limitations and blocks to ultimately achieve their health   goals.

Our Promise

“We provide   you with SOLUTIONS to your pain, not just   treatments”

Our team at the centre believes that no one should   have to “live with” chronic pain.  If you suffer from any of the conditions   listed below and your quality of life is affected, call us today to understand   how we can help to assess, REDUCE and prevent pain, enhancing   movement and function, rehabilitate injuries and correct postural   imbalances.

Our practitioners are trained in using the rare   combination of Musculoskeletal Therapy, MyoFascial Release Therapy and   Craniosacral Therapy, which together, provides the most comprehensive approach   to treat the following conditions:

Arthritis Neuromuscular Diseases
Back Pain Rheumatism
Bone Disease Scoliosis
Central Nervous System Disorders Sinusitis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Spinal Disease
Chronic Neck amp; Back Pain Sports Injuries
Fibromyalgia Stress amp; Tension
Headaches and Migraines Temporomandibular Joint Syndrom (TMJ)
Insomia Tendonitis
Joint Disease Tennis Elbow
Multiple Sclerosis Brain Trauma amp; Spinal Cord Injuries
Muscular Distrophy Whiplash Injuries

We focus on providing SOLUTIONS to our clients, not just   treatments.  Our aim is to give our clients a better understanding of how the   mind and body are intertwined and affect each other in a dynamic way.  We assist   our clients in uncovering the underlying causes of their pain symptoms and   through integrations of the mind-body connection, we can ensure significant   improvement in their quality of day-to-day living.

Our Unique Approach

The Centre has a one-of-its-kind team approach to providing comprehensive   treatments that clients require.  Ken leads his team in a full assessment of   each client when they first come in.  A treatment plan is then designed to suit   the client’s unique case.  Under Ken’s guidance, the various practitioners will   use a range of techniques that they specialise in to assist the client.  As the   leading practitioner, Ken carefully monitors each client’s progress.

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond our team’s expertise.  What this   means is that if we find that the client may require additional attention in   areas such as nutrition, exercise, counseling or even a medical practitioner   (GP), we will refer our client to another trusted practitioner and we will   continue to follow through our clients’ progress.

Our Code of Conduct

Our practitioners are members of associated professional organisations and   practice according to their code of conducts and ethics.

Each practitioner at our Centre is committed to evaluate and review the   effectiveness of treatments offered to each client.  Our aim is to ensure that   after several treatments (depending on severity of condition), the client is on   their own and doing well.

We thrive on constantly improving and updating our skills through professiona   development, learning from evidence based research and leading experts from all   over the world to bring the best outcome for our clients.


  • Chronic   Pain Management
  • Paediatric   Craniosacral Therapy
Remedial Massage Musculoskeletal Therapy Stress Management Program
Myofascial Release Craniosacral Therapy

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